A Pot

Today I forwent LTUE in the morning so that Ruby could get two good naps in before we went. I think that it will end up being worth missing a few panels so that she is happier.

Kyle made waffles for lunch, and I set Ruby in the high chair and went out to the front room to grab something. Her high chair sits right in front of a set of shelves that is also my dumping (er, storage?) place for mail and loose papers that can’t be thrown away yet, and Ruby has recently figured out that if she turns around she can sometimes grab things. While I was in the front room, I saw her turn towards the shelves immediately went to save whatever paper that she had her eye on before it got eaten. But when I got back into the kitchen, I saw that she wasn’t reaching for mail, but looking into the side of a silver pot that had been moved to make space for the waffle iron. The sides of the pot are reflective so she could see herself in the pot.

She was very quite and contemplative as she looked at the Baby in the Pot. I can’t quite catch the words to describe how it made me feel, but for some reason watching her just stare delicately into the side of the pot made me really happy. It was a pot that I inherited last January after my grandfather died, but it had belonged to my grandmother, who died in 1996, many years before I got it. Evidently the set of pots it came from had been precious to my grandmother and she had taken very good care of them.

It was like there was some ephemeral connection in that pot that now belongs to me. This pot that now feeds my family, that used to feed my grandparents’. This well cared for pot that Ruby curiously looked at. Some connection that spanned generations and rested in my heart as I watched Ruby.

It was kind of beautiful.


2 thoughts on “A Pot

  1. What lovely writing to describe a lovely event. I feel the same way about the pieces Jeff’s mother has given me over the years from his grandparents. I love the old pieces from my mother. They will all be handed down to my daughters, of whom you are now apart of. I’m happy to hear that you value these treasures from family history.

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