Brain Mush

I’m two paragraphs into an entry about the keynote address at LTUE (which was excellent), and my brain turned into a disgustingly unflavored mush cereal (not unlike the mush cereal that Ruby dislikes) and all I was getting was “It was good. It was good. It was good,” ad nauseum. So I decided to backburner the thinky entry and do one that was simpler, albeit more scattered.

I seem to have caught a head cold from somewhere and passed it onto Ruby. It’s the first time she’s been really sick and it made her fussy last night and really snuggly today. And awake again tonight. She just rubs her little red eyes and refuses to sleep.

Sleep baby! It makes EVERYONE happier.

But LTUE was really great today. After the panels, Kyle, Amy and I went into the gaming room where Kyle put on an impromptu roleplaying game. We were all a cyberpunk SWAT team trying to take down a coalition of robots that were attempting to destroy humanity. We just invited whoever entered the room to play and we ended up with about seven players. It turned out to be one of the most fun times I’ve ever had roleplaying. Kyle was pulling story out of thin air, and he did a really great job of incorporating all of the players and letting us be really creative. I was really proud of him because he’s been wanting to be a better DM, and at the drop of a hat today he whipped out a really fun and engaging game. Also, I got to be captain of the SWAT team (because I chose the right number out of ten), and I was a pretty great captain, if I do say so myself.

I came home and crashed. Took a nap with Ruby and then dragged my butt out to buy groceries. Kyle and I watched some Community this evening, and now I’ve reached the I’m-so-tired-but-it’s-too-much-effort-to-go-to-bed part of the night. And the part of the night that refreshes Twitter and Tumblr constantly as though it will make tweets and posts appear out of thin air.

These are all signs that I should go to bed. (The brain mush was a good sign, too.)


To bed.

There aren’t any new tweets, anyway.


One thought on “Brain Mush

  1. What a wonderful day you had! The role playing sounds like so much fun. You both are masters of using your imagination. It reminds me of the short time Jeff was a DM for our girls when we were head residents at Heritage Halls. We were in Fugal Hall–Gwen was born when we were there. He’d have to make up things on the fly–definitely a skill you have to practice. The director of Heritage Halls took a dim view of Dungeons and Dragons, so we didn’t do it that long, plus as a law school student, he didn’t have that much time to play. Still, it was fun while it lasted.
    I really enjoy your blogs. You write so well.

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