And The Mush Continued into Today

Ruby had a hard time sleeping last night, and we had 9:00 church. I hate waking Ruby up to go to church. Well, I just hate waking Ruby up at all. Ever. But particularly after she’s had a few days in a row where she didn’t sleep well (which was, admittedly, my fault because I dragged her to a convention three days in a row). So I was still really tired today–so tired that I forgot that we were going over to my friend’s for dinner. Amy called me at 5:10 wondering where I was, and I was mortified to realize that I had completely spaced it. I woke Kyle from his nap and we went over, getting there about 20 minutes late.

I felt bad because I don’t get to see my friends as often as I’d like, and I was late for dinner. Alas.

Fortunately, my friend was very forgiving and just seemed glad that we’d come at all. But to me that still doesn’t rectify the fact that I forgot somebody that is very important to me. I think in part it bothers me because recently there have been a few people who have not been respectful of me and my time and I’ve gotten upset about it. And then I turn around and am not respectful of someone else, and all is well.

I have a few friends that I’ve made since coming to Utah who are sincerely kind and forgiving people. They want to think the best of people not because they want to be seen thinking the best of people, but because they are so genuine and loving. My friend who hosted the dinner tonight is one of those people. And when she forgives me so freely, it makes me feel really inadequate for how judgmental and unforgiving I can be. It makes me want to be a more forgiving person.

I guess that’s why it’s important to have good friends. So that you can remember the person that you want to be, and try to aspire for it, instead of just stagnating as the person you already are.


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