I may have been a bit premature in my enthusiasm for how well Ruby went down tonight. She did, indeed, go down very quickly.

But then she woke up.

The downside to sleep training in this very tiny apartment is that there is literally no part of this apartment where you cannot clearly hear her crying. It makes it hard to sleep. I feel bad for the neighbors, too, because they also share a wall with Ruby. I hope they don’t hate us. They are very, very good neighbors. And they don’t fight the way our last neighbors did, which in my estimation is a big plus.

So hopefully this phase will go relatively quickly so that we don’t get a big, black mark in our neighbor’s book.


2 thoughts on “Premature

  1. You are absolutely doing the best thing for both of you. Keep up the good work, and remember that sometimes it feels like a step back when you are trying to do the best thing for you family. Keep the long view!

  2. I had a friend take over a plate of cookies with an apology note when she was sleep training her kids. Something to infuse a little humor, let them know how awful it is to hear baby crying straight for a week or two, and give them something yummy to sweeten the screaming. If you like them, then maybe this is the option for you! I’ve had your treats before. A little goes a long way >.>

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