Sleep Training

So, I’ve bitten the bullet. Yesterday I started sleep training Ruby. I’m doing the complete extinction, just let her cry it out method. I’ve tried other methods where I’m there to comfort here along the way, but I always quit before I got very far because if I’m going to be comforting her, I might as well just rock her to sleep.

I started with her first nap yesterday and she cried for 45 minutes before falling asleep. For her second nap, it only took ten minutes. Then for going to sleep (which is always the worst with her; the challenge of getting that girl to bed at night is why I’ve finally decided to do this), she cried for two hours. I kind of felt like a monster, but I knew that if she can learn how to fall asleep on her own that things will be a lot better for both of us.

Her naps today were hit and miss as to how long she cried, but it was never longer than 20 minutes. But then tonight, the dreaded bedtime arrived and…she cried for two minutes. She settled down and went to sleep, and has been out for an hour and a half.

I’m not saying that it’s completely worked yet, but if I can get more bed and nap times like tonight, I will be very glad that I sat through that two hour cry yesterday. I had been starting to resent how long it took to get her to sleep, which was a sign to me that something needed to change. I think this is right for us, and I look forward to Miss Ruby getting better sleep because she can do it on her own.


3 thoughts on “Sleep Training

  1. Hang in there. It will pay off. We learned the hard way with our first and I said “I can’t do this again.” So we learned to have nerves of steel and use a lot of white noise to block the crying. Jeff slept out on the car when we were in Hawaii and letting Kaitlyn cry it out at night. (Before white noise and wall paper thin). You could always tell the parents with babies who were sleep training. We could hear the wails, but we didn’t care if it wasn’t our baby wailing. We had nothing but sympathy and support for them!

  2. My friend Lindsey swears on the book “How to Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems”. It may be worth checking out at the library. Sorry you have such a stubborn one. Wonder where she gets that from??? Must be Kyle. LOL

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