White Floor Hate

I’m convinced that whoever bought the white tile floor in our kitchen never intended on living here. Putting aside its age and many cracks, it’s white.


White is the worst color for a floor, ever. At least, for anyone who actually intends on living in a space. Yesterday I swept, made up a special mop solution, and cleaned that kitchen floor within an inch of its life. It was beautiful. It sparkled. Well, ok, not really, it’s too old and ugly to sparkle. But it was as close as it will ever get!

Then it dried, and I walked across the floor. And I swear that’s all it took for it to start looking dingy and dirty again. All it takes is a breath of dust to make that floor look like it hasn’t been swept in weeks. Weeks!

I think I’ll take my dose of self pity (woe is me!), and get back to my evening.


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