Catching Up on Ruby

I’ve had some scattered thoughts on Ruby recently that I thought I’d throw together in a post.

She is on the move. She’s been legitimately scooting on her back for the past two or three months. Her quickest mode of travel is laying on her back and using her legs to scoot across a room, and then rolling back onto her tummy when she reaches her destination. She’s still trying to figure out how to move forward on her tummy, and traditional crawling still eludes her. She will literally get up on her hands and tippy toes (as opposed to knees or feet) and I can just see the wheels turning in her head as she tries to figure out how to move forward. It’s so adorable.

She’s getting really vocal. She sings, she babbles, she squeals, she even giggles sometimes. Yesterday she was composing a great ode to her cheese. She had half of a cheese stick in her chubby hands, lifted up far above her head and was singing a song to it. I think she believes that it will make it taste better. Her favorite babbling phrase is “Mamamamamamamama.” I will forever insist that “Mama” was her first word, whether or not she understood what it meant. This morning, she woke up and I just heard her in her crib saying, “Mama…Mamamama…” It was like she was calling to me and it was really adorable.

She loves cheese. I can tell that she is my daughter. She even liked the blue cheese I gave her at Tucanos on Wesley’s birthday. She also likes pickles and olives. It is now my goal in life to train her to like all foods so that I can pawn off all the food I dislike onto her in the name of good parenting. That IS how parenting works, right?

She’s afraid of men. Except for Kyle. They legitimately make her cry. A man with facial hair is a uniquely terrifying creature. Kyle’s dad was in town last weekend and it took most of the weekend for her to warm up to him. I suspect she will do the same thing to my dad when he is in town for Kyle’s graduation. Amy assures me that this is a pretty normal developmental phase (huzzah for knowing people who took child development classes! That was one of those I-want-to-take-this-but-don’t-have-the-space-for-it classes that I’m still bummed I never got to take) and that she will probably get over it shortly.

Teething is just killing her. Both of her front teeth are just on the edge of poking through, and she’s had a tough couple of weeks because of them. We’ve again resorted to giving her Tylenol at night to help her get to sleep, and I remain mildly afraid that I’m medicating my baby into oblivion and ruining her liver. Kyle thinks I’m being silly (he’s probably right). Last night, she was up between 9 pm and midnight for the first time in ages due to teething discomfort, and I just felt so bad for her. She was unhappy and generally miserable. I finally caved and she slept in our bed for a good part of the night so that we could all get some sleep, and she seemed happier to have somebody to cuddle with.

Naps remain challenging. She takes short ones, and has a hard time falling asleep for them. I’ve resorted to setting the pack ‘n’ play up in our bedroom so that she can nap in a room that somebody isn’t constantly walking in and out of. I think it also helps for her not to nap in the same room that Kyle works in–which is what she had been doing seeing as how Kyle’s computer is in the same room as her crib. Due to these and some other reasons, I remain excited to move into a house or apartment where Ruby can have her own room. I wouldn’t mind living in a place big enough to require me to purchase a baby monitor.

And finally, she’s still the cutest baby girl to ever grace God’s green earth. Just in case you were wondering.


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