As It Turns Out My House is Not Baby Proof

Ruby legitimately crawled for the first time on Saturday.

Hooray, Ruby! Good job!

But her increasing mobility is also a reminder to me of just how baby proof my house is NOT.

Can you have bookshelves that aren’t on the floor? Currently my bookshelf is protected by my trumpet case and a bag holding heavy objects.

It is also teaching me of the great benefit of Pack ‘N’ Plays. Baby+Toys+Pack ‘N’ Play=less need to baby proof house.

The honest truth is that our house would need such an overhaul to really baby proof it that I’m just waiting to move. As soon as Kyle get’s a job, it’ll work great! Right?

…I just hope I don’t sacrifice too many books to my baby’s maw before that happens…

In related news, please pray that Kyle will find a job soon. He is working diligently at it, but nothing seems to be coming through. I know that your prayers will help.


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