10 O’Clock

So you know that nice post I wrote about me time yesterday? Well, today Ruby sneaked in three naps, which meant that at 7 pm she was chipper and just wanted to stay up and play with my friends who were over for board games. I put her down anyways, but Amy’s heartstrings couldn’t handle the crying, so I told her that if she held Ruby she could pick her back up.

By the time everybody left, it was about 10 pm, and Ruby was obviously tired. She cried when Amy walked out the door. She cried when I swaddled her. She kept crying and crying, but she just would not go to sleep. Amy forgot something, returned to pick it up, and Ruby cried more when Amy left again. I finally changed her diaper, and she has the worst diaper rash that she’s ever had. She cried harder when I put lotion on it.

I started feeling bad about how frustrated I’d been with her.

So I rubbed lotion on, got her a clean diaper, and held her for a few minutes. Now she’s sleeping softly.

Babies, man. If only they came with instructions, and buttons that lit up when there was a specific problem. “Hey, Kyle, Ruby’s diaper light is on. Go change it.” “Her hungry light is on, give her some cheese.”


2 thoughts on “10 O’Clock

  1. Giver her airtime during the day (no diaper). And I swear by A&D ointment. If it’s really bad I put a little neosporin on first. Hope you get some more me time soon.

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