Seeing Utah

On Friday Kyle and I dropped Ruby off at Amy’s, and headed up the canyon to build a fire and cook ourselves some hot dogs and shmoes (they’re s’mores, Buzz).

It was lots of fun. It’s easy to forget that Provo is just barely south of a beautiful canyon with many lovely parks, hikes, and wilderness. Especially when you’re stuck in the BYU bubble and you spend a lot of time traversing the I-15, it’s easy to feel like I just live in this giant metropolis and there’s nothing but city or suburb anywhere. But if you get outside of the valley, or go into the mountains, you remember just how much of Utah is not populated at all. Well over 90% of Utah has fewer than 10 people per square mile…we’re all just crammed in between Ogden and Nephi along the interstate.

But there’s a lot to be seen in Utah, if I’m just willing to get out of my routine and go to see it.