So according to the Pediatrician–and if the doctor says it, it must be true, right?–Ruby has been teething for at least 5 months (or a million years, if you’re going by my timescale). Whenever she’s fussy, drooly, and diaper rash-y, I’ve always blamed teething.

Wesley told me last week that he no longer believes me. It can’t be teething, says he, there are no teeth!

But now I can prove Wesley wrong–Ruby has one tooth! Huzzah! It is very hard to see, still being surrounded by very swollen gums, but you can feel it and see it if you look veeeery closely.

Only three more to go! At least, the Pediatrician says that there are three more that are about to emerge. And she’s never wrong, right?

So I wrote this on May 7, but apparently it didn’t auto post when I told it to. Darn you wordpress scheduler! Better late than never, though.