A New Moniker

So I volunteer in Amy’s classroom a few times a week. Ruby is a superstar in that classroom. The first time we went in, one of the little boys declared, “I’m starting to see the good side of babies!” (To which I say, you only say that because you haven’t changed her increasingly stinky poopy diapers). They have all fallen madly in love with Ruby, they all want to hold her and ask me all the time if they can.

As such, I was known for the longest time as “Ruby’s Mom.” It has only been in the past week or so that some of the kids have actually learned my name. And by some, I mean, two of the girls call me Mrs. Meeks on a routine basis.

The school year ends in a week and a half. I think I’m just going to be “Ruby’s Mom” to those kids for all of eternity.

I guess there are worse things.