Yesterday I volunteered to help ship some Schlock Mercenary merchandise, and I was gone for about five hours. When I came home, I walked into the room where Ruby was playing and she turned to look at me with an enormous smile and immediately put her arms out, waving for me to pick her up.

It was really adorable.

Usually, she only gets that excited for Amy. I’m just Joe Shmoe Mom, always here, always available. But Amy–she only visits like every other day. She’s thrilling.

Honestly, though, it’s really cool to see her recognizing people around her. She’s remembering more and more of our friends and family, and getting more comfortable with them all the time. I feel like sometimes you can almost see the gears turning as she learns and develops more every day. It’s utterly fascinating to see her understanding and memory of the world around her (as long as it’s fairly routine) increase and improve.

And those smiles, they get cuter every day, too.

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