Things I’ve Learned from the Neighbor Boys

With their fancy schamncy new slack line, the neighbor boys are out almost every night attempting to master walking on it. Some of the boys seems to believe that the slack line brings all the girls to the yard. Apparently, they think that noodling around on the slack line makes for a great date, and so occasionally there are girls out with them trying the slack line or (more often) watching the boys show off. One boy in particular seems fairly dedicated to this idea.

It appears that if the slack line brings all the girls to the yard, it brings them all out only once. The lack of repeats in the visiting girls seems to indicate that slack lines are not the beginning to long and dedicated relationships.

Remember those closet doors that were stacked against the side of the house? Well, after they moved them to lean on their own apartment building, they sat there for a week or so, and then in the evenings I started to hear the squeal of a power drill or the buzz of a saw. The boys built the frame of a small shed-like building out of two-by-fours, and then hung the closet doors as walls and roof.

I guess you don’t need walls to build something. A large amount of doors will suffice; innovate with the materials available to you and you, too, can have a closet door shed.

And remember Favorite Neighbor Boy who mows my lawn every week? Well, it turns out that being a kind neighbor is a really great quality. The kind of quality I’d like to have more of.

And as it turns out, kindness comes in all shapes, sizes, and unexpected places.

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