Dance Festival

Amy’s third graders had their last day of school, and they wanted me to come watch their dance festival, so I complied and went.

Elementary school dance festivals are really adorable. You can tell the kids that have rhythm and the kids that don’t, and it’s fun to pick out the ones who are really quite amazing at dancing and the kids who are really only there because they have to be. The first graders did the Harlem Shake and it was hilarious. The kid that started it off danced really well–a heck of a lot better than I could–and seeing kids that can dance well is a lot of fun.

And then there are the sixth graders who think they are generally too cool to dance, which is a shame. The older kids are much more capable of doing cool dances, as is evidenced by the fact that fifth grade did an abbreviated version of this Bollywood song (which since it comes from a Shah Rukh Kahn movie, is clearly the best dance song ever).

I got to say goodbye to the kids, and they got to say goodbye to Ruby–which if we’re all honest is the real reason they wanted me there. I even got to see some of the kids Amy taught a few years ago. It turns out that 7th and 8th graders are a lot bigger than fifth graders (the grade Amy taught until this year). Also, puberty. I didn’t recognize any of them when I first saw them. Overall, it was a lot of fun.

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