Mr. Yellow Truck

So between our duplex neighbors and us, we have three cars. Two fit in the driveway, which means that the third has to be parked in front of our house. Due to a generally dire parking situation withing a certain radius of Provo, there are always other people’s cars parked in front of our house which means we have to park around the block. Recently, the most obvious offender has been a large, hideous yellow truck.

I have been becoming increasingly irritated with Mr. Yellow Truck who parks in front of our house, taking up our precious third space. Curse you, Mr. Yellow Truck!

So the other day, we were pulling into the driveway at the same time Mr. Yellow Truck was parking. I decided that I would spy and see who owned that yellow truck. And as we were walking in the door, out of the truck pops Favorite Neighbor Boy Who Mows My Lawn, who waved genially at us and said hello.

And all of a sudden, I was ok with Mr. Yellow Truck parking in front of our house. It’s not really that hard to walk around the block to our car.

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