Tony Caputo’s

Yesterday Ruby, my friend and I trekked up to Salt Lake to visit Orson Gygi’s–a restaurant supply store–and Tony Caputo’s–a store that sells delicious balsamic vinegar, olive oil, cheese, and chocolate. Being at Tony Caputo’s reminded me of eating in Europe. Fine cuisine and I have a long lasting love affair, but it’s a tragic one because I’m only in a position to eat fine cuisine when I’m in Europe. It has been a sadly long time since I’ve been in Europe.

I want to travel to Europe with Kyle some day, and after nearly four years of hearing me speak wistfully of deliriously good food, Kyle has come to the conclusion that I’d rather eat the food than see the sights. He claims that I’d even rather eat the food than see the art.

I think he may be right.

There’s something really divine about food made with fresh, high quality ingredients that has been cooked by people intimately familiar with the ins and outs of the ingredients they’re working with. Everything from cheese to salads to desserts are made with ingredients that taste the best, and are combined with flavors that compliment one another. It’s really, really hard to find food that good in America. Now, I appreciate me some American cooking–don’t get me wrong. I love burgers and BBQ and all those good things, but it’s a different style of cooking. It doesn’t make me wax rhapsodic the way that French cuisine does.

And being at Tony Caputo’s, with imported and otherwise delicious vinegars, oils, and cheeses (I didn’t try any of the chocolates), well, it reminded me of that.

2 thoughts on “Tony Caputo’s

  1. I went there once with some friends when I visited after I graduated! It really reminded me of my favorite parts of Europe and made me miss the food. There was a little place around the corner that made waffles and I miss the carts in Antwerp. And the bakeries. I really miss the bakeries.

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