A Little Bit of Confidence

Part of the reason for the scarcity of posts lately has been that I don’t especially want to memorialize how demoralizing Kyle’s job search has been. He still doesn’t have a job, but in the past few weeks, I’ve been able to find a lot more peace about the whole process.

Part of what is helping is the fact that last week he started going to the LDS employment resource center for help. They have an accelerated job coaching session that meets every morning, and it gets him up, showered, and outside of the house by 8 am. It’s also motivating because you have to report on what you did the previous day to everyone at the session. Accountability is good. And being outside of the house, networking, and doing things other than sending in blind resumes has done wonders for Kyle’s confidence as well as his job prospects. Instead of silence, Kyle’s making contacts and networking with people. He’s already heard back from contacts that he met the very first day he started going to the coaching sessions.

Nothing is for sure, still no interviews, but a little bit of hope, and a lot more confidence. Here’s hoping those things take us somewhere.