So. Ruby.

She’s standing, and walking along couches, and can stumble along if you hold her hand. It’s pretty adorable, but it’s also a little terrifying.

How do babies change so fast in a year?

Kyle’s sister had a baby girl a couple of weeks ago, and it’s got me thinking about how it was just a year ago that Ruby was that tiny and helpless (oh, and still waking up at 3 am for hours at a time causing temporary insanity, let’s not forget that). She’s babbling, and I can tell that she understands some of what we say to her. She’s almost walking. She’s so stinking adorable that it’s hard to tolerate.

She’s allowed to explore freely in the front room and the kitchen, but we keep the door to the rest of the house closed because there are things we don’t want entering the Great and Terrible Maw of Ruby and ending up torn or otherwise harmed. If that door is ever open, she gets quiet and heads straight for it. If I suddenly hear silence, there’s a nearly 100% chance that she got into the pantry and into the recycling, or that she’s making a beeline for the bathroom through the office/crib room. There is literally nothing in her reach in the bathroom that I want her sticking in her mouth. If you catch her heading towards the bathroom and tell her to come back, she stops, looks at you with this devious and knowing smile, then turns around and crawls faster to the bathroom. She knows she’s being a stinker! She just wants to try anyways!

Amy has discovered that Ruby’s hair that is growing in is kind of curly. The newest hair is curly, but the older infant hair is straight as a whistle. I hope that her hair is curly, because I love curly hair. It’s so adorable.

Also, due to Ruby’s restlessness at being held captive in our house all day, I have actually begun spending time outside, beneath the scorching summer sun, during walks and at the park. It has brought out Summer Sun Eliza, a being that hasn’t surfaced since I spent hours a day outside during marching band in high school. The past four summers have been spent more around a computer screen in an office instead of outside, leaving me as pale as I am during the winter. I think Kyle believes me now when I tell him that I have olive skin. I have also discovered that Ruby has inherited Kyle’s, ah, less olive and more lily skin. Sunscreen is her friend.

And thus concludes our Ruby update.

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