Setting the Tone

This morning was the kind of morning where I had to prepare a lesson, which took longer than I wanted, Kyle woke up late (because I was supposed to wake him up and was late about it), and just as we were walking out the door, Ruby had a poop the necessitated a wardrobe change. Thankfully it was only her wardrobe that required changing.

This morning was that kind of morning. Fortunately, the rest of the day has not at all that kind of day.

Church was good, even though we arrived late due to Ruby. My lesson went well. Ruby took a nearly three hour nap after church (thank goodness!). I got a nap. I’m thinking of going for a walk with Ruby, and I have fresh halibut and a salmon in my freezer. That salmon is close to three feet long, too. It’s enormous. I’m going to see how good my deboning skills really are. One of my friends works at a grocery store that has to throw out a lot of their meat, so she gets really, really good prices on the fish that can’t be sold any more. Like 90% off good deals. Because she is an angel, she passes some of it off on me. Kyle and I are thrilled to be eating more than chicken and ground beef, and Ruby’s been enjoying it as well. I love me some fish. I also have frozen clams in my freezer, due to this same lovely friend, and I’m looking forward to making clam chowder with it some day (chowder chowder chowder). I just need to find a recipe that tells me what to do with whole clams. My friend got them alive (apparently that’s how they sell them), and decided that the most humane way of killing them, since she wasn’t using them immediately, was to put them in a bag and put them in the freezer. It’s about as good of a way as I can think of. I mostly just want chowder.

I’ve been looking at rentals for after July. I looked at a house this week that is being renovated right now that I really liked (pending renovations, obviously), but the landlord told me that I was a couple of people down on priority. I appreciated his honesty, but I keep thinking about that house. It would be cool if it worked out. But we’re not pinning out hopes on it, and have been looking at other places, as well.

And Kyle has an interview tomorrow. We have a number of questions about the company–we don’t know much about it–but it’s really encouraging to have an interview. Maybe something’s going to happen this week.

So thinks are going pretty well. It’s a good thing that the tone for a day doesn’t have to be set by a crazy morning. It can be set by the fish in your fridge and a job interview, instead.

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