Salmon Fillets

Remember that salmon I talked about the other day? It turns out that it was closer to two feet than three, but it was still a big fish.

Yesterday, I used the trusty internet, found a video on butchering a salmon, and butchered me a salmon. I got about 10 fillets out of that baby.


My fillets weren’t as beautiful and simple as the chef on the video made it seem, but I’ll take my less-than-perfect salmon fillets. I did it all on my own, I don’t need them to be perfect on a first try.

So I invited Wesley over and we all ate salmon and zucchini, and then we played about five rounds of 7 Wonders and a couple turns of Zombie Dice. It was a good day, even if I lost every single round of 7 Wonders (not that I’m bitter).

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