Thoughts on the Third Hour

The messages in church today were exactly the ones I needed to hear. We talked about obedience in the second hour, and in the third an older couple in our ward talked about marriage and relationships, and how it is together that we make successful relationships. And as you have long lasting relationships, how you mold and influence each other, buoy each other up in trials, and choose who you will be together.

I thought about how wonderful the words of that lesson on marriage was, and how I wished Kyle had been able to hear it. But Ruby had turned into Ruby, Princess of Crank during the third hour, and I could hear her with Kyle in the hallway, serenading the entire building with her tears. And even though the lesson was wonderful, and even though it touched me and I wished he could hear it, how I was grateful for Kyle watching Ruby that third hour. For the time he spends with her, playing with her, comforting her, and changing diapers.

Because Kyle doesn’t need a lesson about marriage to know how to make one work. He understands about working together, supporting each other in times of trial–be they times of pregnancy sickness or unemployment or what else you have. He is kind and loving, and every week at church, he is the one who holds and comforts the baby who misses her morning nap (because church is evidently too interesting to nap through) and becomes increasingly cranky.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Third Hour

  1. Marriage is hard. You really have to want it and work at it. I’m glad I was able to get married young-ish before I got too set in my ways. I could see that making things much more difficult. Also, Kyle is awesome! I love hearing about good dads .

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