The Bib Problem

So many months ago, Ruby started eating solid foods, so I bought her a set of cute Pooh Bear bibs. They velcroed in the back. Not long after that, Ruby discovered that if she got a good grip on her bib and pulled, she could remove the offending bib from her person and drop it over the side of her high chair.

Freedom from the tyranny of bibs!

So, thought I, if she can undo the velcro, then I shall purchase bibs that go over her head like a shirt and she will no longer be able to get so much food on her clothes. I am, of course, brilliant, so there were no problems with this plan. So went out to Wal-Mart and purchased some cute over-the-head bibs with Elmo on them, and that evening for dinner I put one on her.

Half way through dinner, she had figured out how to pull it over her head and toss it to the ground. I haven’t been able to keep a bib on her since. Most of the time it’s not a huge deal because what we’re eating isn’t all that messy. But occasionally we’ll have pasta or something else that’s really messy and I am confronted with the question of whether to let her make a mess all over her clothes, or find some other solution.

On Saturday, this was my solution. She’s still a stinker, but at least she was an easier-to-clean stinker.

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