I’ll Pat You On the Back

Ruby continues doing adorable things, so I am compelled to keep writing about them.

When Ruby is crying, I pick her up and pat her on the back to help comfort her small tears. Recently, when I pick Ruby up to comfort her, she has started trying to pat my back in return–but her little arms are so small that she can only reach my shoulder. It’s a circle of back patting comfort, and everybody wins.

She is standing more and more on her own, and even takes one or two steps at a time before falling on her bum. Walking is just around the corner. Will she start before we move? I’m not sure. But it’s weird to think that we’re going to have such a tiny human toddling around these parts, getting into everything (not that the latter part will be much different).

I accidentally left my purse on the couch the other day, and Ruby managed to open it, get into my wallet, and pulled out every card, check, and receipt in it. I came into the room to find the contents of my wallet sprinkled across our living room floor.