A Year Ago Today Was a Very Different Day

A year ago today, I was reciting mantras in my head so that I could manage labor. I managed it somehow, and we brought tiny baby Ruby home from the birth center eight hours after that.

I don’t think I slept more than an hour at a time that night. She didn’t sleep well, and I was paranoid that she wasn’t breathing, so I kept getting up to check on her when she was asleep (it was a new parent thing, that fear faded slowly over the next couple weeks).

Ruby’s been asleep for nearly two hours at this point, and won’t wake up for quite a few more. She was cranky today, and has a runny nose. I think she’s either teething or has inherited Daddy’s cold–possibly both, but no matter the reason, she has been really cranky lately.

Happy Cranky Birthday, baby girl.

Wesley came over, and in keeping with our tradition of low key birthdays, we just had cupcakes. I blew her candle out for her, and Kyle ate half of her cupcake before I asked him if he intended to let her have any. She ate some of it, but was more interested in the watermelon rind that was still on her tray from dinner. But that was ok, we took over for her on the cupcake eating front. As Wesley said, she’ll care more next year.

Mom and Amy (who had the gall to be out of town on this auspicious occasion) called to wish her happy birthday, and she smiled at their voices. Then she tried to take the phone out of my hands–to eat it, no doubt. Mom asked me if I’d gotten her a birthday present, and I admitted that I haven’t. I’m probably going to buy her a water bottle like Amy has since she really likes Amy’s water bottle, but I haven’t found one yet. Although, to be honest, I haven’t looked very hard. Kyle’s parents gave her some cute board books with pictures of baby animals in them. I’ve been using them as distraction objects during diaper changes (changing diapers on a wiggly little girl is increasingly challenging–at least once per day you can find a naked or near-naked escape artist baby crawling away from diaper changes in our home).

Overall, it was a good day. And overall, she’s a good baby.

I think I’ll keep her.

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