Summer Sun

So it got hot in Utah a few weeks ago. Like, in the hundreds hot.

I’ve never been so grateful for a little perspective.

Last summer, we were in Arizona with a defective air conditioner. I was pregnant, it was in the 120s outside, and it was in the 80s and 90s in our apartment. I was not a happy mama in regards to the heat.

But this summer? I’m not pregnant (thank goodness!), and our house isn’t kidding us–no air conditioning to taunt us with the hopes of a cool home. Just a swamp cooler that lets you know from the get-go that it quits on you when the outside temperatures get into the 90s. It just looks at you, laughs, and blows hot air into your house. Suck it, tenants! If you wanted cool air, you should have gotten a better apartment! Or a window air conditioning unit! Now you have to suffer my capricious whims!

But there’s a magnificent difference between it being in the 80s in your apartment and being pregnant, and it being in the 80s in your apartment and not being pregnant. Kyle has been suffering a similar amount as last year, but me? I felt so much better about it all.

Perspective, man. (Incidentally, there’s also a magnificent difference between 105 outside and 125 outside.)

But I was telling Mom about our hot apartment predicament, and she took pity on our poor souls and bought Kyle and I season passes to Seven Peaks, the water park that is about a 10 minute walk from our apartment, for my birthday. Then Amy and her roommate extended a permanent invitation to their air conditioned house if it ever got too hot for us. They’ve even let me borrow a key for the summer. It has made a huge difference. I can go to Seven Peaks in the morning with Ruby (and Amy when she’s in town), then go back to my apartment (or Amy’s if it’s too hot that day) and Ruby naps like the dead for two or three hours (which are the best kinds of naps).

Unfortunately, I apparently stink at applying sunscreen on myself, and the first day I went to Seven Peaks I got a massive sunburn on my shoulders. Massive, massive, took a week to stop hurting, blistered, then turned my skin scaly before peeling off kind of sunburn. Kyle kept rubbing my shoulders out of habit and I kept telling him off for it. Ruby has managed to avoid more than a light pinkening on her face, fortunately.

Since we’ve been going to Seven Peaks fairly regularly, I bought Ruby a little tube for infants. After going around the lazy river a few times the other day, we went to the kiddie pool which has a gradual incline into the pool. This means that Ruby can crawl around in the water with no need for the tube. And boy, when she vacated it, that tube became a hot commodity for the toddlers at the pool. They kept coming up to play with it, turn it over, and push it around. One little boy just came up, picked it up, and walked off with it. His dad made him return it, much to his chagrin. It was really funny, and Ruby was none the wiser, off making friends with the other moms so that she could use them as leverage to stand up and to lean against (the primary reason to make friends, as we all know).

It’s hot in the summer, it always is. But we’re managing. And in two short weeks, we will be moving into an apartment with air conditioning. I never knew how good I had it growing up until I lived for five years without air conditioning. It puts a different spin on things.

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