7 days and Counting

In a week we’ll be moving out of this dumpy apartment. I’m really thrilled. Every time I run across something about this apartment that I dislike (like how the swamp cooler blows a thin layer of dirt and bugs into my kitchen every day, how hot it gets, or how the medicine cabinet looks like it came from a hospital in a horror film), I just think about how in a little over a week, I will never have to deal with it again.

Kyle’s trying to be fair and talk about how this apartment was good for us for the things we needed it for. It was cheap when we needed it to be cheap, it saw the first years of our marriage, it was close enough to BYU that we could walk…let’s just say that I’m not that nostalgic for these things. Yes, this apartment was good for a lot of things, but it was also bad for so many more things. I’m pretty sure I won’t miss it. I’m happy to have good memories of people and events that happened here, but I won’t have fond memories of the actual place.

Packing has been going slowly, but steadily. I feel pretty good about how things are going. One of my friends is coming over on Thursday to help me pack up the majority of my kitchen, which is the only room that hasn’t had a significant amount packed. A lot of what remains in the rest of the house are the odds and ends that can’t be packed until the end.

The major downside is that since Kyle has just started this job, and since we will be moving on a Tuesday (it was unavoidable), he will not be able to help us move during the work day. Fortunately, Kyle’s dad is heroically flying in to help, and a number of friends have come out of the woodwork and volunteered to help us move. I think that it’ll go pretty well with everybody who is coming out to help. The number of people who are taking work off, the people who have and will have helped us pack, and Kyle’s dad flying in–all these people volunteering to help us has really touched my heart. I couldn’t do this move on my own, and all these people who love us coming forward to help mean so, so much to me. I’m really grateful for them.

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