A Return to Sleep

So Ruby started sleeping through the night a bit ago, and I exultantly blogged about it here. Then, she got a yeast infection on her bum (which, if it’s anything like the yeast infections I’ve had, probably was very rotten to sit on for four days before Mommy caught on to what it was–how was I to know it wasn’t a regular diaper rash? It didn’t come labeled) and spent those same days chewing rocks until her top teeth finally cut through. Which is all to say that she quit the whole sleeping through the night thing about three days in, and didn’t start again until both the teeth and the yeast issues were dealt with.

Fortunately, my mother is a nurse, so I was able to resolve the yeast issue without going to the doctor. Because of insurance reasons, I didn’t want to take her in unless I really had to.

But last night, she slept all the way through the night again. Yay! See me exultantly blogging about it again! Let this not be a curse! I even managed to sleep through the night fairly well, as well, despite having landed myself with a dehydration migraine yesterday. Things appear to be heading towards a new normal, which I appreciate a lot.

At Home

So things are quieter at home now that Kyle works full-time out of the house and Amy has gone back to school. As I suspected, it is very important for me to get out of the house at least once a day.

Kyle and I purchased a dresser from IKEA about two weeks ago. It’s one of the unfinished ones that are cheaper than the finished ones, which means it needed to be put together, primed, and painted. At this point, it has been assembled, and the body of the dresser has been primed; the drawers remain unprimed. It turns out I needed more help with it than I had initially thought (heavy things are hard to move to and from the designated paint location alone), so I can only really work on it when Kyle’s home, hence the delay. Unfortunately, we can’t finish unpacking our bedroom until the dresser is done, so I’m hoping we’ll find time in some of the evenings this week. I actually really enjoyed the process of priming the dresser, which seems to bode well for getting the rest of it finished up this week. Once the dresser is painted, we can unpack the rest of our room, and get things organized a little better. And, you know, get dresser drawers off of my couches in the living room. It would be nice to reclaim those, as well.

Ruby likes to protest diaper and clothes changes loudly to all who are within earshot. Since Kyle does the bedtime routine, including a clean diaper and putting jammies on, he has found a way around the protests. He pretends that he’s putting Ruby in an Iron Man suit, and she just loves it. The tears during jammie time have ended.

Before School Starts Again

For Amy, that is. Amy had the audacity to go on a weeks-long vacation without me this summer (it’s like she thinks she’s her own person or something!), and ever since she got back and we moved, my days have been packed with doing things with Amy. Because school starts soon and my favorite babysitter and person to do things with will no longer be available 24/7 (minus mornings, so more like after 11 am and before 2 am, so I guess it’s more like 15/7).

So we’ve gone swimming at the pool and the waterpark, gone to the library, the bookstore, Wal-Mart, the mechanic’s, and many other lovely places together. We’ve even played a bit with Amy’s roommate’s niece and nephew, which has been fun. The niece is only a couple of months older than Ruby, but whenever she sees Ruby she exclaims, “Baby!” and tries to hold her like a baby doll. It’s so adorable.

It’s been a good summer. And I’m going to have to find ways to occupy myself now that Kyle works a not-at-home 9-5 job. In a lot of ways it was nice for me to have him working at home the first year of Ruby’s life. I had a lot more flexibility, and there’s a certain pleasure that comes from just having another adult that you can talk to in the house. Now, this new job is a much better fit for Kyle than his old part time jobs, and it’s been good in a lot of ways for him to have a reason to shower and get out of the house before, say, 2 in the afternoon. But it functionally means that I’ve never had to live at home with just me and Ruby all day. And now that Amy’s going to back to work, it’ll really just be me and Ruby.

I’m a little concerned about finding things to do and not going stir crazy while I’m home alone with Ruby. It can be tempting to never leave the house with a baby because it’s a hassle to deal the the carseat and everything. But never leaving the house is not generally a good thing. I’m pretty certain that I’ll be able to manage. If I set my mind to it, and try to get out of the house at least once a day, I can make it work. A lady at a church activity told me that my new ward has a playgroup, so I think I’ll start going to that. And the local library has story time. And the advantage of being in Provo still means that I still have my network of friends that I can get together with.

I guess I could also finish unpacking the last, like, two boxes and three suitcases in our room, too. Everybody says those last couple of boxes manage to linger…

But if you’re local and available during the day, I wouldn’t say no to seeing you on occasion. I suspect that I will be needing more adult interaction now that my days are looming a little less full of Amy and Kyle.

Twelve Hours

So last night Ruby slept all night long. From seven pm to seven am.

It would have been glorious, except that the thing about breastfeeding is that your body remembers when your baby is supposed to eat. So at 4 am, I was awoken by tender, engorged boobs wondering why Ruby wasn’t up yet. Didn’t she know it was time to eat? But when you’re engorged because baby is dropping a feeding, the worst thing to do is pump all the milk out because it keeps your body in the same rhythms, and I’d rather like my body to get used to this whole not waking up at night business. But everything was too tender to sleep, so I pumped less than an ounce to take the edge of the pressure off, and that was enough to get me back to sleep.

Even with that little hiccup, Ruby sleeping through the night was still really great. If she could repeat this feat tonight, I think we may be onto something. It’s been a little over two weeks since we moved, and Ruby having her own room seems to have been the metaphorical magic bullet to curing pretty much all of her sleeping problems. I’ll take that and be very happy with it.

Some More Ruby Moments

I bought a shower curtain that I ended up deciding to return. So I left it on the couch in the front room to remind myself to take it back to the store with me when I returned. Ruby pulled down the shower curtain, and carried it up and down the hallway, one hand holding the wall for support, one hand clutching a shower curtain that was about half her size. That shower curtain was going on a journey.

Incidentally, walking is becoming more of a thing, highly motivated by the realization that she can hold one thing in EACH HAND if she walks instead of crawls. Steps are still wobbly, but she’s doing it more and more.

Kyle did the “This little piggy went to market” game with her toes yesterday, and after he finished, she grabbed her big toe with her forefinger and thumb and said, “Dadadadada,” as though she was playing, too. She does it now after we play the game with her. Similarly, after you finish reading a book to her, she will grab the book, open it to a page, read “Dadadadada,” and then throw the book across the room. She’s getting the idea.

The other day, after she finished her lunch, I asked her if it was “Yum yum.” She replied, “Yum yum!” and I almost died from the cuteness. She said it a few more times that day, but now that she knows I want her to say it she won’t say it any more (she does not perform on command).

And today she was playing quietly in her room, which is uncommon if I’ve left the door open. I peeked in for just a second and saw her playing with her little stuffed lion, so I left her there. I came back later and saw that she had found the trash can with the wipes–a number of which are poopy–and had spread them all over her floor. It didn’t smell great in there, either.

Also, carrying a baby and an armload of groceries up three flights of stairs proved challenging today. Due to some significant Ruby wiggles, I ended up dropping a gallon of milk on the ground, causing a leak to spring. I abandoned all my groceries except the leaking milk, and with a trail of milk following me, I grabbed Ruby and ran upstairs to pour it into a container before I lost all of my milk. I saved about 90% of the gallon, but was winded and hot. I think next time I’ll bring the baby carrier and put her on my back before I try to walk up three flights of stairs with groceries. (Incidentally, the carseat has been forever banned to the car because there’s no way under the sun I’m hauling that thing up the stairs with me.)

Kind of Settled

So we made it to our new apartment. It was just across town, but the new place is up three flights of stairs, so we needed significant help moving all the things from Place A to Place B In the Sky. Fortunately, a lot of people showed up to help. There were thirteen people that arrived to help Tuesday morning, and it made things go very quickly. I had been packing boxes for about a month in preparation, and we rented a large truck in the hopes that we could get everything across town in one load, and everything was set.

The people moving into our old apartment had to move in on Tuesday, so we had people arrive at 7 am. The truck was packed by 8:30, and everything was unpacked by 10:30. I stayed at the old apartment and finished cleaning up with two friends who couldn’t do heavy lifting. I was unhappy to find mold growing behind some of our furniture and in the corner of a closet, but we defeated it with a coating of bleach, so the house was clean–if somewhat Cholorx-y–by the time we were done.

By the end of the day, I had been wholly productive while not moving a single box or piece of furniture up three flights of stairs. I don’t feel bad about this, because I packed up 80% of the house myself, recruited enough help that the move went quickly and efficiently, and was a generally good organizer and cleaner. Other people were assigned the task of box lifting that day. I only lift heavy objects under duress.

A few stalwart friends and Kyle’s dad stayed and helped us unpack the house for the rest of the day. While it wasn’t done by Tuesday–it’s still not all together–we had the kitchen put together enough to cook, the front room cleared of boxes with furniture in the right places, the nursery put together (thanks entirely to Amy) and the bed and crib assembled. The next two days, Amy and I finished clearing the kitchen and living room, and put the master bedroom and bath mostly together (we need some dressers before we can finish the bedroom, though, so clothes and some boxes still line the walls).

Today, Amy, Ruby and I went to Seven Peaks and I have not opened a single box. Yet. Kyle wants to get to work on the office, which contains his still-packed desktop computer. I was planning to work on it tomorrow, but he made sad eyes at me at dinner, so I have agreed to start working on it tonight after he gets home from a haircut (no more mountain man with long hair). The sooner we get it all unpacked, the sooner I no longer have to look at clutter and I can get onto projects that I’m excited about.

But this apartment is wonderful. I am happy, and I am grateful for the help that we received from friends, family, and church acquaintances. I feel very blessed this week.