Kind of Settled

So we made it to our new apartment. It was just across town, but the new place is up three flights of stairs, so we needed significant help moving all the things from Place A to Place B In the Sky. Fortunately, a lot of people showed up to help. There were thirteen people that arrived to help Tuesday morning, and it made things go very quickly. I had been packing boxes for about a month in preparation, and we rented a large truck in the hopes that we could get everything across town in one load, and everything was set.

The people moving into our old apartment had to move in on Tuesday, so we had people arrive at 7 am. The truck was packed by 8:30, and everything was unpacked by 10:30. I stayed at the old apartment and finished cleaning up with two friends who couldn’t do heavy lifting. I was unhappy to find mold growing behind some of our furniture and in the corner of a closet, but we defeated it with a coating of bleach, so the house was clean–if somewhat Cholorx-y–by the time we were done.

By the end of the day, I had been wholly productive while not moving a single box or piece of furniture up three flights of stairs. I don’t feel bad about this, because I packed up 80% of the house myself, recruited enough help that the move went quickly and efficiently, and was a generally good organizer and cleaner. Other people were assigned the task of box lifting that day. I only lift heavy objects under duress.

A few stalwart friends and Kyle’s dad stayed and helped us unpack the house for the rest of the day. While it wasn’t done by Tuesday–it’s still not all together–we had the kitchen put together enough to cook, the front room cleared of boxes with furniture in the right places, the nursery put together (thanks entirely to Amy) and the bed and crib assembled. The next two days, Amy and I finished clearing the kitchen and living room, and put the master bedroom and bath mostly together (we need some dressers before we can finish the bedroom, though, so clothes and some boxes still line the walls).

Today, Amy, Ruby and I went to Seven Peaks and I have not opened a single box. Yet. Kyle wants to get to work on the office, which contains his still-packed desktop computer. I was planning to work on it tomorrow, but he made sad eyes at me at dinner, so I have agreed to start working on it tonight after he gets home from a haircut (no more mountain man with long hair). The sooner we get it all unpacked, the sooner I no longer have to look at clutter and I can get onto projects that I’m excited about.

But this apartment is wonderful. I am happy, and I am grateful for the help that we received from friends, family, and church acquaintances. I feel very blessed this week.

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