Some More Ruby Moments

I bought a shower curtain that I ended up deciding to return. So I left it on the couch in the front room to remind myself to take it back to the store with me when I returned. Ruby pulled down the shower curtain, and carried it up and down the hallway, one hand holding the wall for support, one hand clutching a shower curtain that was about half her size. That shower curtain was going on a journey.

Incidentally, walking is becoming more of a thing, highly motivated by the realization that she can hold one thing in EACH HAND if she walks instead of crawls. Steps are still wobbly, but she’s doing it more and more.

Kyle did the “This little piggy went to market” game with her toes yesterday, and after he finished, she grabbed her big toe with her forefinger and thumb and said, “Dadadadada,” as though she was playing, too. She does it now after we play the game with her. Similarly, after you finish reading a book to her, she will grab the book, open it to a page, read “Dadadadada,” and then throw the book across the room. She’s getting the idea.

The other day, after she finished her lunch, I asked her if it was “Yum yum.” She replied, “Yum yum!” and I almost died from the cuteness. She said it a few more times that day, but now that she knows I want her to say it she won’t say it any more (she does not perform on command).

And today she was playing quietly in her room, which is uncommon if I’ve left the door open. I peeked in for just a second and saw her playing with her little stuffed lion, so I left her there. I came back later and saw that she had found the trash can with the wipes–a number of which are poopy–and had spread them all over her floor. It didn’t smell great in there, either.

Also, carrying a baby and an armload of groceries up three flights of stairs proved challenging today. Due to some significant Ruby wiggles, I ended up dropping a gallon of milk on the ground, causing a leak to spring. I abandoned all my groceries except the leaking milk, and with a trail of milk following me, I grabbed Ruby and ran upstairs to pour it into a container before I lost all of my milk. I saved about 90% of the gallon, but was winded and hot. I think next time I’ll bring the baby carrier and put her on my back before I try to walk up three flights of stairs with groceries. (Incidentally, the carseat has been forever banned to the car because there’s no way under the sun I’m hauling that thing up the stairs with me.)

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