Before School Starts Again

For Amy, that is. Amy had the audacity to go on a weeks-long vacation without me this summer (it’s like she thinks she’s her own person or something!), and ever since she got back and we moved, my days have been packed with doing things with Amy. Because school starts soon and my favorite babysitter and person to do things with will no longer be available 24/7 (minus mornings, so more like after 11 am and before 2 am, so I guess it’s more like 15/7).

So we’ve gone swimming at the pool and the waterpark, gone to the library, the bookstore, Wal-Mart, the mechanic’s, and many other lovely places together. We’ve even played a bit with Amy’s roommate’s niece and nephew, which has been fun. The niece is only a couple of months older than Ruby, but whenever she sees Ruby she exclaims, “Baby!” and tries to hold her like a baby doll. It’s so adorable.

It’s been a good summer. And I’m going to have to find ways to occupy myself now that Kyle works a not-at-home 9-5 job. In a lot of ways it was nice for me to have him working at home the first year of Ruby’s life. I had a lot more flexibility, and there’s a certain pleasure that comes from just having another adult that you can talk to in the house. Now, this new job is a much better fit for Kyle than his old part time jobs, and it’s been good in a lot of ways for him to have a reason to shower and get out of the house before, say, 2 in the afternoon. But it functionally means that I’ve never had to live at home with just me and Ruby all day. And now that Amy’s going to back to work, it’ll really just be me and Ruby.

I’m a little concerned about finding things to do and not going stir crazy while I’m home alone with Ruby. It can be tempting to never leave the house with a baby because it’s a hassle to deal the the carseat and everything. But never leaving the house is not generally a good thing. I’m pretty certain that I’ll be able to manage. If I set my mind to it, and try to get out of the house at least once a day, I can make it work. A lady at a church activity told me that my new ward has a playgroup, so I think I’ll start going to that. And the local library has story time. And the advantage of being in Provo still means that I still have my network of friends that I can get together with.

I guess I could also finish unpacking the last, like, two boxes and three suitcases in our room, too. Everybody says those last couple of boxes manage to linger…

But if you’re local and available during the day, I wouldn’t say no to seeing you on occasion. I suspect that I will be needing more adult interaction now that my days are looming a little less full of Amy and Kyle.

3 thoughts on “Before School Starts Again

  1. 15/7. I like it. :D And you are always welcome to come by my classroom. The students love seeing Ruby. I mean…you. They totally love seeing you.

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