At Home

So things are quieter at home now that Kyle works full-time out of the house and Amy has gone back to school. As I suspected, it is very important for me to get out of the house at least once a day.

Kyle and I purchased a dresser from IKEA about two weeks ago. It’s one of the unfinished ones that are cheaper than the finished ones, which means it needed to be put together, primed, and painted. At this point, it has been assembled, and the body of the dresser has been primed; the drawers remain unprimed. It turns out I needed more help with it than I had initially thought (heavy things are hard to move to and from the designated paint location alone), so I can only really work on it when Kyle’s home, hence the delay. Unfortunately, we can’t finish unpacking our bedroom until the dresser is done, so I’m hoping we’ll find time in some of the evenings this week. I actually really enjoyed the process of priming the dresser, which seems to bode well for getting the rest of it finished up this week. Once the dresser is painted, we can unpack the rest of our room, and get things organized a little better. And, you know, get dresser drawers off of my couches in the living room. It would be nice to reclaim those, as well.

Ruby likes to protest diaper and clothes changes loudly to all who are within earshot. Since Kyle does the bedtime routine, including a clean diaper and putting jammies on, he has found a way around the protests. He pretends that he’s putting Ruby in an Iron Man suit, and she just loves it. The tears during jammie time have ended.

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