A Return to Sleep

So Ruby started sleeping through the night a bit ago, and I exultantly blogged about it here. Then, she got a yeast infection on her bum (which, if it’s anything like the yeast infections I’ve had, probably was very rotten to sit on for four days before Mommy caught on to what it was–how was I to know it wasn’t a regular diaper rash? It didn’t come labeled) and spent those same days chewing rocks until her top teeth finally cut through. Which is all to say that she quit the whole sleeping through the night thing about three days in, and didn’t start again until both the teeth and the yeast issues were dealt with.

Fortunately, my mother is a nurse, so I was able to resolve the yeast issue without going to the doctor. Because of insurance reasons, I didn’t want to take her in unless I really had to.

But last night, she slept all the way through the night again. Yay! See me exultantly blogging about it again! Let this not be a curse! I even managed to sleep through the night fairly well, as well, despite having landed myself with a dehydration migraine yesterday. Things appear to be heading towards a new normal, which I appreciate a lot.