Antelope Island

Today was Labor Day, and Kyle had the day off. We didn’t get to go anywhere on vacation this summer because of being unemployed and moving (which is always more expensive than you’d like), so we decided to do something special today. I’d heard about Antelope Island, which is a State Park that is an island in the Great Salt Lake. I’ve been wanting to see more of the state and national parks in Utah, and Antelope Island was only a little more than an hour away, so we decided to check it out.

It was really beautiful. There was a beach, so we went, and Ruby ate sand. In fact, much of my time was spent being the Great Sand Monitor, but she would turn her back on me and stuff handfuls of it in her mouth. Eating sand never killed anybody, right? We didn’t bring swimsuits, but Ruby ran in and sat in the water anyways, and Kyle and I waded barefoot. It was pretty shallow, so it was a good depth for Ruby to play in. She was disappointed that sand is harder to pick up from underwater–it kept washing out of her hands by the time she’d pull it out of the water.

When we were done at the beach (and walked the half-mile up a sand dune back to the car; I told Kyle it worked out that he didn’t go to the gym today), I stripped her down and washed her off in the showers, trying to hold her at such an angle that she’d get washed off but I wouldn’t get wet. Despite my valiant efforts, there was still salt on her head from the lake, so every time I kissed her my lips tasted like salt. Also, the showers were cold so she immediately curled into the fetal position, which made it impossible to get the sand out of her neck folds. I think she was storing the sand for a snack on the ride home.

I had packed a picnic, so we ate at the campground, and then drove back home. Ruby is currently being de-sanded and de-salted in the bathtub before being sent to bed. I think that Kyle and I will lay in bed and watch X-Files for the rest of the evening. We are very tired from a long day, but it was a very good day.

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