The Shape of the Sick

So there have turned out to be some distinct advantages to having Kyle home more often. He’s still out and about on the job search, but he’s got more flexibility which means that he can cook me breakfast when I feel garbage-y, and he can change Ruby’s stinky diapers that make me nauseous.

It’s still early days, but I’ve only thrown up once so far. The major issues this time around have been fatigue and nausea. I just want to sleep All. Day. Long. I do not remember being this tired when I was pregnant with Ruby. Fortunately, Ruby is very accommodating and will play by herself very well while I lay on the couch like a lump on a log for a while. I feel a little bad about it, but getting up and doing things when I’m exhausted has proved to make me feel much, much worse. Earlier today, Ruby sad on the floor with a Dr. Seuss book “reading” it out loud (“Dadadadadada”). Her main projects recently seem to be transferring the things from her room to the living room, and the things out of the kitchen cabinets into her room. Apparently it’s better that way. If you need a whisk, be sure to look under the crib.

I’ve wondered if the fact that I’m not in school and working, and therefore have more flexibility to rest and relax when I need to is contributing to lessening of the extreme pregnancy sickness. I don’t know for sure.

Last night, I was suddenly overtaken with the NEED for pad thai. I didn’t get extreme cravings with Ruby. I wanted chocolate shakes all the time the third trimester, but if I couldn’t get one, I’d survive. But last night, I just NEEDED pad thai like I’ve never needed food before. Unfortunately, it was 10:30 at night, and nobody was still open. Apparently there’s not a big market for 24 hour Thai food here in Provo. Kyle ended up going to the grocery store and picking up some instant pad thai that neither tasted like pad thai, nor did it quell the need. We got some for dinner tonight, and I’m feeling more centered now.

Amy suspects baby might be a boy, since my pregnancy is taking a different shape. I guess only time will tell.

One thought on “The Shape of the Sick

  1. I love imagining a determined and focused Ruby carrying out the important mission of transferring all Tupperware into her room. Glad she is letting you lie down and rest, and so glad you are feeling better this time around–let us hope things continue that way for the whole pregnancy!

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