Kyle Got a Job!

Yay! This period of unemployment was much shorter than the last. It’s a company up in Salt Lake, so there’s a commute, and it pays less than his last job, but we both feel like it’s going to be a better job for him. Our budget will be tighter, but we’ve lived with tight budgets before.

It’s still better than being students.

We’re going to stay in Provo for the length of our lease, but who knows what next year will bring. We’ll see how Kyle feels about the commute. He’ll be taking the train to Salt Lake to avoid the traffic; his office is pretty close to the train station in Salt Lake, and the train has wi-fi. This train is apparently much fancier than the trains I’ve ridden on. It also means that he has two hours a day to focus on things that he wants to do, like writing and art. I think it’ll be good for him.

We’re grateful that he’s got a job. Hopefully it will be a better fit than the last one was.