A Bow for Ruby

Matthew likes to give me grief because we never put girly things in Ruby’s hair. The reality, though, is that she rips the hair bows and barrettes out almost immediately, complete with a few strands of hair. When we got her pictures taken in August, I got her to keep it in just long enough for the last picture to be snapped before she ripped it out, but otherwise I just don’t think it’s worth my efforts just to have a girly thing in her hair.

Apparently, it’s a different story if RUBY wants something in her hair. Last week we had meatball subs, veggies and hummus. Ruby took a few bites of her cucumber and decided that there was a better place for it.


It stayed there, perched atop her head, until the end of dinner, a good 15 minutes later. Apparently cucumber hair bows are in right now with the babies.