Updates from my Phone

Not long ago, Kyle and I got smartphones. Yay! Smartphones! I love mine!

On the other hand, Kyle’s computer at work has recently been having trouble with connecting to the internet. Seeing as how his job is exclusively ON the internet, this has become a problem. The stopgap solution we have is that he takes my laptop to work, which often means that I don’t use my laptop at all on weekdays. This means that some of the last few updates I’ve made have been on my phone.

Updating from my phone has been interesting because typing is so cumbersome compared to a keyboard that I find myself getting straight to the point. I will sacrifice lines that amuse me because writing that line requires substantially more words than a shorter one, which in turn requires substantially more time. Incidentally, this post is being written on a computer because thinking about writing it on my phone made me not want to write it at all. It’s interesting to note the differences in my writing between the computer and my phone, but at the end of the day, I think that my writing is better with a keyboard where I have full access to write any of the words and lines I come up with in my head, no matter how cumbersome.


Miss Ruby has decided that now is a good time to get more teeth. Four more in fact. She’s been drooling all over and chewing her fingers (which is something she only does when she’s teething) this week. I honestly didn’t think much of it untilI happened to glimpse her mouth while she was laughing this morning. She doesn’t like to show her teeth off, so it wasn’t until I was making her giggle that I saw them, four new pearly whites.

I guess it’s about time she got more teeth. I just hope that things slow down a bit on the rate of teeth coming in. Four all at once is kind of a lot.

Diarrhea Days

Ruby decided to spend the past two days sick and unhappy, graciously leaving me with a number of diapers that were no fun to clean. Poor baby.

She was on a diet of Jell-O, breastmilk and Pedialyte today, and I could tell that she was very hungry by the end of the day. I felt bad denying her food, but that’s what your supposed to do until the diarrhea settles out. Hopefully she’ll be doing better tomorrow. I don’t approve of sad, hungry babies.

I Spoke In Church on Sunday

Got a call Friday night asking if Kyle and I would be willing to step in last minute and speak. Circumstances had left the bishopric at the cusp of the weekend and no speakers. I really, really, didn’t want to speak. I had a busy Saturday planned. But I felt like I would be slinking into church on Sunday filled with guilt if I declined the opportunity, so I accepted. Then I was given the topic: purity and morality, with a couple of talks from church authorities as reference. When I speak, I never get topics that I’m really thrilled about talking about, and this one is no exception. It can be a sensitive topic that is easy to say insensitive things about.

So what did I do? I grabbed the bull by the horns and talked about the hardest topic in there: chastity. It seemed to go over pretty well, and I felt pretty good about the talk despite having to pry my eyes open at 6:30 am (after getting home at midnight the night before) to research and write it.

I felt really blessed on Sunday that I have an arsenal of writing experience to lean on when I’m writing in non-ideal circumstances (also that the writing and research standards for this type of talk are less rigorous than academic papers). The writing certainly wasn’t as good as it might have been with more preparation, and the way I shaped some of the discussions in the talk could have used refining, but the meat of it all came out right. I got some positive feedback after I gave the talk, so it seems to have been well received despite the topic occasionally being a hard one to talk about. Who would have known that an Art History degree and many, many hours and words of experience shaping arguments and positions in long, academic papers would turn out so helpful on a bleary Sunday morning?


Between moving, getting pregnant, and being sick, something or (more likely) some combination of things has really disrupted my blogging mojo. I still find myself thinking of blog posts, but taking the time to sit and write has become a scarce activity. And before long, my blog entries are slipping away from my mind in the ebb and flow of life, forgotten and unrecorded.

Things are pretty good for us right now. I love the apartment that we’re in. It’s so much nicer than our last place. Some nights, I go to bed and just have a happy glow because our place is so nice and fits our family so well. It’s not a forever place, but it’s really great for us right now. And I’m glad for that.

Kyle and I have started playing the Lord of the Rings Living Card game recently. It’s a really good game for two players, which is nice for us in the evenings. And it’s cooperative, which is better for our marriage than Carcassonne. We only play Carcassonne when Kyle is feeling particularly caring because I always beat him (oops). The fact that we play Carcassonne ever is, I think, a testament to Kyle’s warm, fuzzy heart.

My mind wanders in circles and is tired. Pregnancy fatigue has been quite the thing this time around. Here’s hoping I can find the envie to blog a little bit more while I’m wandering in my little circles.

New Skill

Yesterday Ruby woke up in the morning as usual, so I went in to get her out of her crib. And what should my eyes behold other than a small girl peeking over the edge of the crib standing in nothing but a lime green diaper, her hearts and monkeys sleeper having been removed and discarded in a pile on top of her covers.

Zippers. Zippers are the new thing. First it was her jacket, which she would carefully unzip and remove (because what’s the point of unzipping if you don’t also remove the offending zipper?). She also unzips mine and Daddy’s jackets when she gets the chance. Now, apparently, it’s her sleeper. It’s cool to not wear sleepers. A diaper is plenty warm, especially with temperatures in the 30s. These goosebumps don’t mean anything.

This morning she was still wearing her sleeper when she woke up, but I’m still holding out to see what trend takes over.