Between moving, getting pregnant, and being sick, something or (more likely) some combination of things has really disrupted my blogging mojo. I still find myself thinking of blog posts, but taking the time to sit and write has become a scarce activity. And before long, my blog entries are slipping away from my mind in the ebb and flow of life, forgotten and unrecorded.

Things are pretty good for us right now. I love the apartment that we’re in. It’s so much nicer than our last place. Some nights, I go to bed and just have a happy glow because our place is so nice and fits our family so well. It’s not a forever place, but it’s really great for us right now. And I’m glad for that.

Kyle and I have started playing the Lord of the Rings Living Card game recently. It’s a really good game for two players, which is nice for us in the evenings. And it’s cooperative, which is better for our marriage than Carcassonne. We only play Carcassonne when Kyle is feeling particularly caring because I always beat him (oops). The fact that we play Carcassonne ever is, I think, a testament to Kyle’s warm, fuzzy heart.

My mind wanders in circles and is tired. Pregnancy fatigue has been quite the thing this time around. Here’s hoping I can find the envie to blog a little bit more while I’m wandering in my little circles.

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