Miss Ruby has decided that now is a good time to get more teeth. Four more in fact. She’s been drooling all over and chewing her fingers (which is something she only does when she’s teething) this week. I honestly didn’t think much of it untilI happened to glimpse her mouth while she was laughing this morning. She doesn’t like to show her teeth off, so it wasn’t until I was making her giggle that I saw them, four new pearly whites.

I guess it’s about time she got more teeth. I just hope that things slow down a bit on the rate of teeth coming in. Four all at once is kind of a lot.

One thought on “Toothsplosion

  1. Wow! That is a lot! I’m pretty sure Grady is working on his molars…it that’s not it then I would love for someone to explain why he has been so miserable and waking up all night this past week. Thinking about how painful it would be to have a giant molar pop through your gums just makes me shudder. Poor babies. :(

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