Updates from my Phone

Not long ago, Kyle and I got smartphones. Yay! Smartphones! I love mine!

On the other hand, Kyle’s computer at work has recently been having trouble with connecting to the internet. Seeing as how his job is exclusively ON the internet, this has become a problem. The stopgap solution we have is that he takes my laptop to work, which often means that I don’t use my laptop at all on weekdays. This means that some of the last few updates I’ve made have been on my phone.

Updating from my phone has been interesting because typing is so cumbersome compared to a keyboard that I find myself getting straight to the point. I will sacrifice lines that amuse me because writing that line requires substantially more words than a shorter one, which in turn requires substantially more time. Incidentally, this post is being written on a computer because thinking about writing it on my phone made me not want to write it at all. It’s interesting to note the differences in my writing between the computer and my phone, but at the end of the day, I think that my writing is better with a keyboard where I have full access to write any of the words and lines I come up with in my head, no matter how cumbersome.