Fancy Dancy Schmancy

Sorry for the radio silence lately. At first Kyle was borrowing my computer for 12 hours a day, and then my computer up and died on us. Fortunately for me, Kyle graciously donated some of the money he got for Christmas to help me fund a brand new fancy dancy schmancy laptop specifically so that I could keep up with my writing. Hooray! It’s a Chromebook 14, and I just opened it today, with some “help” from tiny hands. There might have been some celebratory keyboard mashing by said helping hands.

Oh, and that marketing thing about how fast Chromebooks turn on? Totally true. My old laptop had been on its last legs for a while, and it took about 10 minutes to boot up, so this whole less than 10 second booting up thing has kind of been making my day. It’s nice to have a computer free of all the other odd quirks that my computer had accumulated over nearly five years of daily use. I’m sure this computer will develop its own quirks, but in the meantime it’s shiny and new and I love it.

So here’s to more writing, and a new computer. It’s my new favorite thing.