Adventures in Babysitting

I’ve started babysitting two kids, a 6 year old girl and 3 month old boy, on Mondays. It’s been interesting having more kids around. For one thing, after living with a toddler, a 6 year old is practically like having an adult around. She can hold conversations, go to the bathroom by herself, dress herself, pour her own milk and cereal…it’s kind of beautiful. It’s nice to know that in just a few short years Ruby will be substantially more self sufficient than she is now.

The baby cries. Like, a lot. I think he’s a little fussy natured in the first place, but there’s also the fact that I’m not mom. The first couple of weeks, he didn’t nap or eat well, either. It’s getting a little better every week, and now he’s at least eating and napping better which seems to have helped tremendously.

I was curious as to how Ruby would do with the kids around. It’s actually turned out really well. The 6 year old seems to love playing with Ruby. They pull out all the toys and run around shooting each other with toy guns, reading books, and playing with the stuffed animals. This past Monday, I heard Ruby starting to fuss, but then she quieted down. When I walked past Ruby’s room, I saw the six year old sitting in the rocking chair with Ruby and some stuffed animals on her lap–it was really adorable.

We have an island that my father-in-law built for Kyle and I in our old apartment that has been re-purposed into a front table in our living room in this one. I made a table skirt for it and we hide the toys under there at night (to pretend that we don’t live in a toy war zone all the time). On Monday, Ruby and the six year old pulled out all of the toys from under it, and played house under the island, hidden by the table skirt. It is officially the coolest place in our apartment, and just perfect for little kids playing house.

Ruby’s really good with the baby. She pats him on the head and gives him hugs and it is unbearably cute. When she sees him she says “Bah-bee!” (Baby!).

Thus far it’s been a good experience, and it’s nice for Ruby to have somebody to play with, and somebody to follow around that’s not me.

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