The Various Sick

Over the past two weeks, our small family has been sharing a stomach bug and a cold back and forth. I think there have been one or two days when all three of us felt well. I am pretty over being sick, especially the stomach bug. Colds stink, but they’re manageable. Stomach bugs leave you lying on your bed wanting to die rather than throw up or run to the bathroom again.

Thank heavens for family in the area. Yesterday was my day with the stomach bug and Kyle was still nursing his cold. Amy graciously took Ruby to church with her so that we (me in particular) could rest in misery without having to corral a small, energetic child at the same time. Seriously, Ruby woke up all bright eyed and bushy tailed and I thought I was going to cry if I had to deal with her all day. 18 month olds have no concept of “Mommy doesn’t feel good, please don’t climb on her tummy. Blegh.”

Ruby had her cold last week, so I was constantly chasing her around with a tissue to wipe her nose. She was fussier than normal because she’s teething (molars! They are the bane of Ruby’s existence right now) and sick, so sometimes I’d need to wipe tears off her face as well. In the midst of this sickness grossness I was crying about something that has since been resolved; Ruby saw me crying, and went and got me a tissue to wipe my eyes and help me blow my nose. It was so sweet, and it made me feel really loved. She may have just been copying what she has seen me do, but it reminded me that when Kyle and I show acts of kindness and caring, that those can be good traits that Ruby learns from us. I earnestly hope that we exemplify good, kind actions more than we exemplify other actions that are less desirable for copying.

Fortunately, today everybody seems to be feeling better. I cleaned my kitchen and finished the laundry that’s been lingering, and I feel like I can face the world again.

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