I’ve reached the “Any day now, Baby!” phase of pregnancy. I had contractions for a couple of hours the other night, but they failed to get more intense and finally faded away as Kyle and I played a board game.

One thing that is different this time is that I appear to be nesting. I’ve spent all week cleaning and organizing. I’ve even been wiping down walls and baseboards! I’ve managed to finish all of my to-make projects, and all that’s really left is to reorganize the kid’s room a little bit. We bought a changing table (because we have room for it now, as opposed to our last place) and it has been put together, but is currently sitting in our living room.

I feel ready for this baby, but the other day when I was having contractions I suddenly wasn’t so sure. I mean, newborns change everything for quite a while. Getting up at night, I can’t really be gone for more than a few hours at a time. I wonder how Ruby with do with the baby…but I’m still excited.

And ready to not be pregnant anymore.

Any time now, Baby!