Ruby Sees Jesus

My mom got Ruby a book of gospel pictures for her birthday, so we go through and identify Jesus, animals, water, shoes, noses–you know, whatever is in the pictures. But now Ruby will point out Jesus in pictures hanging on the walls of the church or in our home. It’s pretty cute.

Today we were driving down the road and I hear Ruby gasp and exclaim, “Jesus! Jesus!”

“Do you see Jesus somewhere?” I asked, but I was kind of confused. There aren’t exactly a lot of pictures of Jesus that you can see in the car. But then I looked in the rear view mirror, and I realized that the guy driving the car behind us had shoulder length hair and a beard. Ruby, whose car seat is still rear facing, could see him very well. And as far as she was concerned, she was seeing Jesus.

I guess He drives an old beat up brown van.

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