Ruby’s Birthday

Ruby’s birthday was last month–she turned two! I just wanted to jot down a few memories of the day before they get lost in the deluge of time. It was a crazy day, I had just gotten back from visiting my parents in Fargo the day before so everything was a mess. But I made a cake, and put sprinkles on it, and had Wesley and Amy over for cake and presents.

Ruby loved the cake. She blew the candles out all by herself, although she put her nose right into one of the flames and got a smoke smudge on it. She carefully ate every sprinkle off of her plate before beginning to try to pick every sprinkle off of the rest of the cake. She seemed intent on this until Kyle pulled out her presents (unwrapped; remember how the day was a mess? It’s a good thing she’s two and doesn’t care). She saw the box and jumped off the chair to get the goods. I was glad we didn’t have a tantrum over the cake. Kyle and I gave her a baby doll, who she named Baby Sherman, and a baby doll stroller, which has been a huge hit. Ruby likes to sit in it, she likes to put her dolls in it, and one day she even convinced Amy to put to the real Sherman in it. (He actually fit pretty well, but he didn’t really like sitting in it.) Basically, the stroller has wheels, so it’s the best thing ever. If I ever fold it up after she goes to bed, the first thing she does is come and unfold it. She’s even run Sherman over with it a few times.

And just like that my sweet little girl is two. We’ve been looking at pictures of her when she was a baby, and she inevitably points to herself and says, “Baby Sherman!” I’ve explained–but she doesn’t seem to understand–that once upon a time she, too, was a tiny and adorable baby. This whole getting big process happens so slowly, but it seems so drastic when I look at pictures from when she was Sherman’s size. I would say I miss my baby Ruby, but I really don’t. It’s important to love her at the age and size she is now instead of becoming nostalgic for a moment that has passed. The present is so ephemeral; it’s good to appreciate who she is right now. It won’t be the same again.

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