Newborn Sleeplessness

Evidently all I want to write about is reflections on Sherman’s birth and newborn period. So I guess I’ll just write about it until it’s out of my system.

During Sherman’s newborn period, that period when even the best sleepers cause sleep deprivation in their parents, I made Kyle participate in a gratitude exercise every day. Before bed, we would talk about things we were grateful for, and then we wrote it on our bathroom mirror in a dry erase marker. Being sleep deprived makes everything worse; it makes normally manageable setbacks and problems seem like towering, unconquerable quests of doom and terror. So I set out to combat this.

Counting our blessings, as it were, did not make our problems disappear. It did not guarantee more sleep at night. It did not stop Ruby’s reactionary tantrums (The world is changing? You are giving attention to another tiny human being? I AM SO ANGRY AT YOU. But I love Sherman so much). But ending the day on a good note did manage to make everything not seem so doomy and gloomy. Remembering the things that we were grateful gave me the energy to step forward into another interrupted night and hazy day, and allowed me to remember that there were so many things I was grateful for and happy about.

Overall, I think it helped.

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