Things Ruby has Learned Recently

This week, Ruby has learned how to:
Open round doorknobs, specifically the one that gets her into Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom
Open the door to my room while I was showering, and join me in the shower (She didn’t like it; water falling from the sky is not Ruby Approved)
Climb into Sherman’s bassinet
Climb out of her crib to come hang with me during naptime
Unscrew spice containers and spread basil and thyme all over the kitchen

None of these activities were Mommy Approved. But somehow they all happened anyway.

But then she pulled out a set of Kyle’s scriptures, called them “Scrippers”, opened them, and read “And came pass” on every page she turned to. Then she wanted to sing “Jesus Songs?”

She’s lucky she’s so dang adorable.

Lime Wedges

I made Pad Thai for dinner, so we had lime wedges as a side to drizzle the juice on top. Ruby didn’t seem to get the purpose of the limes and decided to take a wedge and just eat it. So she’d take a bite, and then she’d make the most delightful sour face.

Another bite. Another sour face.

She did it three or four times before she decided that limes were not her thing.

But kudos for trying, right?

Kid Updates

Sherman is five months old now. How did that happen?! He’s adorable and chunky and kissable and I love him. He also rolls! Sometimes! He rolled front to back, and I totally missed it the first time. I was at a friend’s house and had put him on his tummy while I chatted with a friend and when I looked down he was on his back. That stinker! I couldn’t get him to roll over in front of me for WEEKS. He rolled over for Amy twice–twice–before he deigned to do it for me. And then Ruby figured out that he could roll over, so she goes up to him now and rolls him over. So now he doesn’t roll over by himself anymore, he just kind of waits for Ruby to come do it for him.

He can also put his binky in his mouth. Just today I was trying to burp him after he ate and he just stuck his binky in his mouth as though to say, “I’m done with this, thanks.”

Ruby continues to develop her speech. She wasn’t speaking much until this past July when we went to visit my parents. Matthew was there with his son, Grady, who is the same age as Ruby. But Grady is a talker! He talked all the time about everything, and it seemed to give Ruby the idea that two year olds can talk, too. Ever since that visit she’s been talking more and more.

She’s been in a phase recently where she asks me, “What’s this?” to everything in the world. It’s like she’s figured out that everything has a name and now she must know the names of all the things. She’s become very interested in helicopters; we live near a hospital so we see the emergency helicopters flying around frequently. She calls them “hello-copters.” (It’s so cute.) Whenever Kyle takes her places, he always tells her, “We’re going on a Daddy Adventure!” So now when they go places together Ruby announces that they’re going on a “Daddyventure!”

Her newfound ability to communicate is great. I can ask her to do things and she understands and does them. She throws things in the garbage and takes the cloth diapers to the diaper pail. Ahhh, so useful. When will she be old enough to fold laundry and do dishes? I’m kind of tired of doing those chores.