So this month, we’ve been preparing Ruby for Halloween. We visited a “Punkin patch” twice, and after the second time Ruby understood and thing or two about “punkins.” For example, one pumpkin is a “punkin”, but two or more pumpkins is a “punkin patch!” Even if it’s on your doorstep.

According to this definition, Utah is rife with pumpkin patches.

The day of Halloween, when Ruby woke up I told her that it was Halloween so we were going to watch a Halloween movie. She was over the moon about this idea, and we watched The Nightmare Before Christmas together. It was a hit. We dressed up as Raggedy Ann and Andy, because Raggedy Ann is Ruby’s lovie doll. We were super adorable.



We went Trick of Treating on Center Street in Provo, which does Trick or Treating from 3-6pm, which was perfect timing for us. It also meant that we didn’t get that much candy, which was also great. We’ve kept Ruby’s candy in her pumpkin basket in another room, and whenever she wants candy she comes up to me and says, “Candy? Trick or treat?” which makes my heart melt every time.

Halloween was a success! And now Ruby’s looking forward to Christmas. Evidently Thanksgiving isn’t exciting enough to warrant remembering, according to two year old logic.

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